Traceability – From Pasture To Plate


Cows Pattersons Butchers

Traceability is one key element for our customers, they want to be sure of where their meat product came from.  Meat from a certified craft butchers is sourced, slaughtered and prepared locally and so reduces Food Miles (helping our carbon footprint), and also eliminating stress to the animals. Transporting animals long distances before slaughter has a detrimental effect on the meat quality. By supporting your local Craft Butcher Patterson’s Butcher you can be sure of the highest quality produce.

This is truer today than it ever was, but there are other reasons to buy local when it comes to buying meat. Your local Craft Butcher buys from local farms, and the animals are slaughtered locally which has a direct bearing on meat quality.

If an animal is transported long distances before slaughter, this has a stressful effect, which results in meat being tough and tasteless. There is also the carbon footprint to consider – meat sourced locally and sold locally uses little fossil fuel and is kinder to the environment.

So buying locally contributes to the local economy and also ensures the quality of the meat is far superior.