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The Charcuterie Board – Reliable and Quick!

Sometimes when I have visitors I wish I had been more organised, are you the same?  Well don’t wish anymore.

Fail to prepare or prepare to fail – these are Derek’s famous words!

We all know that over Christmas we will have visitors calling, some might be expected and others will be a pleasant surprise.  Whatever the time of day, it’s nice to have some refreshments to offer.  However, you don’t want to spend the whole time peeling, chopping, boiling, baking and getting exhausted.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to put something tasty together in minutes so you can spend time with your guests and not in the kitchen?

Easy Entertainment

The charcuterie board is the easiest appetiser you will ever make! The wonderful aspect of the charcuterie board is no cooking skills required whatsoever and even the least creative person can put together an artful masterpiece of meat and cheese. You can make them large enough to feed an army or small enough for a date night with your other half.

So what exactly is a charcuterie board - cold meats – ham, turkey and spiced beef aligned with cheeses and chutneys/relishes on top of crackers or a crusty baguette. There are numerous variations but we tend to stick to the same format as described. Sometimes I might add fresh fruit or sliced vegetables for example sliced apples or a red pepper as they both lighten up a delicious cheese board. The best part of making up a board is the ability to use up those odds and ends I have in my fridge!

Be Prepared

Be prepared by buying some nice jars of chutney, some packets of crackers, a variety of cheese and whatever you fancy.  Having these in your fridge will turn your leftovers into a feast.  All you need will be a nice glass of wine, or cordial to offer and you will be the host that people remember.  Happy entertaining.