Reduce waste Pattersons

Reducing Single Use Plastic

Ireland has the record when it comes to being the top producer of plastic waste in Europe.  We generate over 60kg per person every year and more than 60% of this plastic waste comes from packaging.

When we read these statistics our first reaction might be ‘it’s so big I cannot make a difference’.  However, at Patterson’s Butchers we think we can start to make a difference. If you will join us, then we believe by making a few small changes we can make a big difference.

 Our Initiative 

We must reduce our reliance on single use plastic and that is why we are launching our ‘Bring your own container’ initiative. The idea is to reduce the amount of throwaway plastic bags and wrapping that end up in bins and landfill forever.   You can now bring clean containers from home to collect your meat in our shop.  There is no need to buy new containers for this, just use those you already have in the press, once is it clean and won’t leak then it will do.

Our staff will place your container on the scale, add the food and you only pay for the weight of the food.  It’s proved to be hygienic and there are no health regulation rules that prevent this.   To start off the initiative, we have a supply of plastic reusable containers available in the shop.   It makes sense, no more packaging that you have to dispose of when you get home.  You will be helping the environment and when you reduce the amount of waste that goes in your rubbish bin you also save money.

Reduce Plastic  

You can reduce the amount of throwaway packaging in other ways.  Buy your vegetables and fruit loose or have them packed in paper bags - we also offer this in the shop.  Use reusable shopping bags, replace your takeaway coffee cup with one you can reuse, stop using plastic straws – there are so many ways and it all adds up.

Reducing single use plastic in small ways will all add up.  If we all did a little something then it would make a big difference.