Shop with the confidence of knowing you are buying premium Irish meat in our shop. 

In Ireland we have the perfect climate to produce the best beef.  We are proud to say that our Beef comes from Baltinglass and surrounding Hinterland.  We hand source each animal and are very careful in our selection to ensure we only offer our customers the best. We hang our Beef for 21 days to ensure it is at its prime. 

Everybody knows that Wicklow Lamb is special.  Our Lamb is only sourced from Wicklow which produces the best sweet and tender meat.  Our expertise means that we know how to source the best quality for our shop.

Our bacon is mild cured and we have been using the same supplier for many years due to their excellent quality.  We offer a variety of Pork products including traditional and flavoured sausages and meat that creates the best crackling.

All our Chicken and Turkey meat is top quality and our chicken fillets are the true full size.  From a full chicken for roast dinner to legs and fillets we have something for every meal.