Shop with the confidence of knowing you are buying premium Irish meat in our shop.  We hang our Beef for 21 days to ensure it is at its prime.  Our Lamb is sourced in Wicklow which produces the best sweet and tender meat.  We offer a variety of Pork products that are mild cured and meat that creates the best crackling. All our Chicken and Turkey meat is top quality and our chicken fillets are the true size.

Fresh Fish

Fish is a popular lean, healthy source of protein.  We offer fresh Fish to our customers from our fish counter, pieces of fish that are cut to order and not sitting wrapped in plastic.  We have popular seasonal varieties and the usual favourites such as Salmon, Cod, Hake and Seabass.  We will even advise you on the best way to prepare it.  Delivered directly from the fish markets to our store, no time is wasted to ensure our customers buy the best.  


We want to make it easy for you to prepare nutritious tasty meals and that’s why we also stock a range of products to enhance our meat and fish.  We offer a range of relish, chutneys and sauces that will add to any meal.  Some of our brands are sourced locally to support local producers.  We have a range of pasta, vegetables, eggs and other store cupboard ingredients so you can buy for a complete meal.   We introduce  new suppliers regularly.