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Consider Fish this Valentine’s Day

Consider cooking Fish this Valentine's Day

As I ponder on Valentines Day approaching I am considering cooking a fish dish!

Even though I like fish I have never felt confident cooking it so a few months ago I set myself a challenge to cook fish at least once a week. Before I knew it I discovered the ease of cooking a salmon fillet and that was it!

Salmon fillet, lightly sprayed with oil and seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and thyme! Serve with romain lettuce and homemade caeser salad dressing.

My challenge was achieved? Not really because there are a world of ideas out there, fish is fast and easy to cook.

Here is another idea: Homemade Fish fingers for the children.

  1. Use cod or whiting, cut the fish into fingers
  2. In a bowel mix together some flour, salt, pepper
  3. In another bowel whisk one egg
  4. Meanwhile put some coconut oil in a frying pan
  5. Once coconut oil is melted and ready – dip fish into the egg then into the flour mixture and place on the pan, cook for 3 mins on each side at medium heat.
  6. The coconut oil gives a nice sweet flavour that children tend to like!

Happy Valentines and enjoy cooking! ~ Diane Patterson